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​Photo by LeslieZhang


CHENPENG 20AW is inspired by the installation art of the surrealist artist Louise Bourgeois. As she said, "with symbols, people can have deeper conscious communication. But you also have to understand one thing, symbol is symbol, it is not the exchange of flesh and blood. The 20AW is called "Metaphysics", which tries to express the change of emotion by winding, copying, deforming and twisting. Through expressing the change of inner emotion in personal way, showing human desire and alienation, death and fear, using abstract way to convey the morbid depression and dispel the depressed sense of humor. The prints that appear throughout the collection have evolved from palm elements. With the extension of hands and arms, we call on everyone to open their arms at all times, to embrace their relatives, friends and lovers, to cure autism with love, and to embrace reconciliation with the world. The eye-catching shape and weaving technology imply the respect, understanding, care, acceptance and tolerance of the whole society for autistic patients.


Symbol is symbol, it is not the exchange of flesh and blood.


Chief Producer : Adam Chen Photographer: LeslieZhang(Sauna Studio)

Stylist :Liu Xiao(ODD Studio)

Makeup artist : Clive.X(S Studio)

Hair stylist : Kim

art director:LeslieZhang ,Bei Yuan

set designer:Zhao Di Gua

Model:Xie Chao Yu & Shen Jia Zhe 

Making: Oolong,Jiao Zi (Sauna Studio)

Casting :Vincy

assistant : Jolin,Leng

Styling assistant:QIN Ge (ODD Studio)

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