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Lace to Meet You

CHENPENG* was founded by designer Chen Peng in London, UK in 2015, and the Shanghai branch was established the following year. The brand advocates "one-size fashionism", and the iconic products are down jackets with a large silhouette. The "Lace to meet you" project is based on goose down as the main filler, while the fabric is made of a relatively new lace-coated fabric, combined with the nylon fabric of the down jacket, breaking the inherent perception of traditional lace. The series is inspired by the evolution of the brain and body after the human body has evolved in the future. After the velvet, it is like human muscles and fat, giving more protection to humans. The full-bodied silhouette and exaggerated piles, like the striated ridges of the brain, give lace a new visual experience.


Special thanks: Textile Library

Chenfeng Group

Set Designer: Joseph Dejardin

Copyright © ChenPeng 2015 All Right Reserved

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